Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Standing on a platform of, “He Was A POW And She’s a Mom And That’s All You Need To Know”, the Republicans again proved that they can always top themselves when it comes to ridiculous candidates.

Hot on the tails of the Clown In Chief, George W. Bush, and his Warlord, Dick Cheney, we have another dynamic duo vying for the country’s top two political spots.

John McBushCain’s political advisors dove deep into the bottom of the barrel and dredged up a running mate for him. They came up with beauty contest runner up and short-lived sports reporter, Sarah Palin, the current Governor of the dynamic State of Alaska.

Together McBushCain and Palin are the Republicans latest incarnation of Batman and Robin.

The GOP convention was rife with speech giving losers such as religious loony Mike Hukabee, plastic man Mitt Romney, celebrity politician Fred Thompson, and another rejected wannabee Presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani.

There would have been more speakers but the best of them are in various prisons for monetary fraud or deviant sexual behavior, or under indictment or investigation for one or more nefarious acts.

Then of course there was Sarah Palin’s delivery of a speech prepared for her by the McBushCain team, a speech that she continues giving, over and over.

When they get a new pencil they’ll write another one for her.

As is usually the case, the Republicans filled the stage with their kids, and their kid’s kids. Then they preached the politics of fear, and talked about how Roe v. Wade, if not overturned, might prevent them from loading the stages of the future with more kids.

Of course they want these kids for 2 reasons, a cheap labor force for the corporations that underwrite their campaigns, and, as cannon fodder for their future armies to fight more invented enemies.

Sarah Palin is a totally unqualified individual who is long of mouth and short on accomplishment.

She believes that sex education is bad and that abstinence works for preventing teen pregnancies; yeah that really worked for her daughter.

She belonged to a church where the religious loonies speak in tongues and are awaiting the Rapture, and that Alaska will be a haven for them.

She is a proponent of the Alaskan secession movement; that’s patriotic, isn’t it.

She believes in book banning and other forms of censorship, which makes her a perfect fit for the beloved Republican nanny society.

She heartily endorsed the famous “bridge to nowhere”, and now denies endorsing it.

She lobbied congress for the “road to nowhere”, which would have connected her hometown of about 600 people to Alaska Senator Ted Stevens’ ski resort. Stevens a staunch supporter of Palin is now under Federal indictment.

Sarah Palin is nothing but a distraction so the voters won’t realize what an idiot and Bush clone McCain really is

A vote for McCain is a vote for more of the same.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There so much bullshit being generated by the McCain campaign that I could spend all my time writing about it.

That’s not something anyone would want to do but I feel a need to point out some of the more outrageous and offensive nonsense being served up by this Bush clone.

Needless to say McBushcain is still farting around with overturning Roe v Wade, and opposing something as harmless as Gay marriage.

The promise of prevailing on these wedge issues, along with the rest of the deliberately distracting, ridiculous Republican agenda is being offered up to the retrogressive, narrow minded Evangelicals in exchange for their votes.

These Evangelicals are the same clowns who have prayer vigils going for the purpose of convincing God to make it rain on Barrack Obama when he addresses audiences outdoors.

I guess they think God is a Republican; what arrogance.

They apparently forgot that since God is credited with creating the Earth it’s obvious that the Supreme Being is a charter member of The Green Party.

This past Sunday McCain was interviewed by the current superstar preacher, Rick Warren, the master of ceremonies of the Saddleback megachurch.

In answer to the question, “If you were President who would you consult with”, McCain answered: “John Lewis.”

Lewis, a Black Democrat Congressman from Georgia, quickly, and wisely stated on national television that he and McCain were merely Washington colleagues, and that he never consulted with McCain, nor would he.

Nice try McCain; did you think that bit of name dropping would win you the minority vote?

Congressman Lewis looked as if he was nauseated by the mention of his name in connection with McCain.
Now that McCain has worn out the “Surge” talk he’s back on his, “I was a POW”, “When I was a POW”, “As a POW I…”, kick.

I feel sorry for anyone who was a POW; but I don’t think McCain’s expectation that he be awarded the Presidency as compensation makes any sense.

McCain is nothing more than a misguided, egotistical dilettante, who represents pretty much everything that is wrong with America.

Frankly, I find his use of his former status as a POW, as a vote getter, to be more pathetic than the crying in front of women ploy some guys use to try to score some sympathy sex.

A vote for McCain is a vote for more of the same.

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

World class bullshit artist John McCain is continuing his lowlife series of attack ads against Barrack Obama.

It’s no surprise that McCain employs this tactic since he, and his campaign, are totally devoid of substance.

These vicious attacks are now so plentiful that it appears McCain has authorized a, “surge”, in these despicable substitutes for any meaningful rhetoric about what he would do as president.

But then why should he? It’s clear that one needs only to look at the present administration to see what we’ll get with a McCain presidency; more Bush bullshit.

I say: “A vote for McCain is a vote for more of the same.”

The McCain campaign has engaged in the use of deliberate misquotes, half truths, quotes taken out of context, and just plain character assassination.

There was the bullshit about Obama’s trip to a gym in Kuwait in place of a visit with the troops. The truth is that Obama met with the troops at the gym.

McCain accused Obama of never having visited any injured troops. The truth is that he did at Walter Reed Hospital.

Even Conservative Republican Senator Hagel, of Nebraska, has stated that McCain’s campaign of hate is out of line, and a disgrace.

All John McCain does is talk about, or should I say, diss, Obama, because he is a hollow man with nothing of importance or intelligence to say.

George Bush once said that his friends were, “The haves and the have mores”, which thus far is the only truth I’ve heard him utter.

Are you a member of that club?

McCain is the same type of guy, and is not a man of the people, as is Barrack Obama.

If you want more George Bush ineptness, arrogance, unnecessary wars, squandering of public funds, etc, etc, etc, then McCain is your guy.

“A vote for McCain is a vote for more of the same.”

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hard as it is to believe, the Republican Party has found a Presidential hopeful, in the form of John McCain, who may yet manage to make Bush seem as if he's only a mere idiot.

John McCain continues courting that part of the electorate that lacks a measurable IQ by distinguishing himself, a-la Bush, with an endless succession of public brain farts.

This idiotic geriatrics' numerous appearances on YouTube may earn him an Oscar for best outtakes.

Then again, I'm probably wrong because it appears this his verbal missteps are deliberate statements of what he considers fact. One recent glaring example is his invention of a border joining Iraq and Afghanistan

McCain said this is an area of concern to him because of all the terrorist activity taking place there.

Hey McCain, you moron, Iraq and Afghanistan are separated by 750 miles. Check it out on MapQuest. Oh, I forgot that McCain is computer illiterate, and proud of it.

McCain stated that Obama doesn't know anything about wars and that he, McCain, "Knows how to win wars."

Really Senator; which wars have you won? Is it Vietnam, another of our undeclared "wars?" How did you win that one; by spending 5 years on your back as a POW?

Ah, what the hell, he's probably referring to imaginary wars between imaginary countries that share imaginary borders.

Another of McCain's proofs of stupidity is his reference to countries that haven't existed since the fall of the Berlin Wall, such as Czechoslovakia. He has concerns about the fate of that country with regards to Russia.

Jesus Christ, that's over dude, and the Germans won't be fucking them over again any time soon either.

McCain calls Obama a flip-flopper because Obama has the courage to change his stance when conditions change. Yet McCain voted against a bill that he himself introduced.

Is that the ultimate in flip-flopping or what?

Last week McCain said the rise in oil prices is Obama's fault because he voted against offshore drilling. Oh, and no one else voted against it? Wow what power this Obama guy has!

Check your voting record McCain; I think you voted against offshore drilling in 2003 too.

Of course the fact that the country's two top public officials for the past 7 years, Bush and Cheney, are both oil men has nothing to do with the price increases.

And then there's this Iraq "war" "surge" thing with which McCain has an unhealthy obsession.

Good God, every third word out his yap is, "surge."

This is all he talks about. Yesterday he talked about the "surge" before the "surge", and how he had advance knowledge of the "surge" from one of Bush's flunky Generals.

The reason he has this fanatical preoccupation with Bush's "surge" is that it's an easy word to remember and pronounce and he doesn't know jack shit about anything else.

McCain couldn't care less about domestic issues, and since he's married to an ultra rich chick he doesn't give a shit about the economy, which is in the crapper. Being married to a rich chick is acceptable for a Republican because they consider all the money to be their exclusive domain, but it's a negative if a Democrat,such as John Kerry, is married to a woman of means.

So if the "surge" has worked Senator, how come we can't get the hell out of Iraq?

It sounds to me like McCain just "wants" us to be in Iraq for 100 years without any reason.

Is this what America needs for a President?

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Extreme Republican Bullshit

If nothing else the Republican Party is expert on getting people to vote against their own best interests, particularly when it comes to economics.

Most people in America are struggling to stay afloat thanks to 7 years of Bush’s economic policies, but the Republican elitists’ suffer too, in a different way.

After all there are long waits for tee times at the country club and some Republicans have to deal with delivery on the Ferrari’s they ordered being delayed another week.

Somehow though, these bullshit artists manage to convince the residents of trailer parks, who work for minimum wage, that they’ll flourish, financially, if they vote Republican.

The latest Republican gambit in their game of deception is to try to convince voters that 9/11 type tragedies can be prevented by Republicans.

Excuse me, it was a FUCKING REPUBLICAN in the White House, and a Republican controlled House and Senate running the country when 9/11 took place.

The above pictured sign was erected in, where else, Florida, a Southern state, where the Civil War is still being fought by Republican bigots.

Here are some details on this latest Republican lie.


On Election Day, please don’t vote for a Republican. Don’t be defrauded by their never ending use of scare tactics and the politics of fear.

Let’s throw out these worthless, arrogant, bullshit artists, and try something different. What we’ve had for the past two presidential terms has been a monumental disaster and nothing more than a bonanza for the rich.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I sympathize with and offer my condolences to the residents and victims of the storms that recently struck Georgia, Missouri and Oklahoma, but the situation does cause me to wonder about God’s role in this situation.

Whenever a tragedy strikes an area regarded as “Liberal”, such as San Francisco, or New Orleans, the Wrong Reverend Pat Robertson, quickly proclaims that “God is punishing the people in those cities” for one reason or another. His reasoning is usually that Gays, or people who support their rights, populate the area.

Now that areas rife with his supporters, or, “People of Faith” as they like to be called, have been butt slammed by natural disasters, there’s no comment from Robertson.

Now I’m neither a scientist nor a bible expert but shouldn’t there be a reason why these areas were hit with natural disasters? I think it’s just the randomness of the weather but I’m sure Robertson would have a more mystical explanation. So where is he and why hasn’t he revealed the reason to us?

Was God’s aim off this time?

If you’re fed up with this kind of nonsense, and the blurring of the line between church and state, as perpetrated by Bush and his worshippers, and the currently most vocal of the Republican/Conservative bullshit artists, John McCain, check out this website for some enlightenment and a good laugh.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Claiming that he, Pat Robertson, and Rudy Giuliani, because they are survivors of prostate cancer, think alike, the former has endorsed the latter as his choice for the Republican presidential candidate.

This is Republican political theatre at its best.

We have another Conservative/Republican/Gay hater, religious loony, Pat Robertson, whose thoughts always seem to gravitate towards a man's groin, endorsing a guy who wears dresses and marches in Gay Pride parades.

Once again we have a religious leader endorsing a political candidate which is a clear violation of the rules governing a religious organization's tax exempt status.

Hey IRS, how about doing something about this?

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Here's yet another blatant display of political activism by the conservative religious wrong spearheaded by Mark DeMoss, founder of The DeMoss Group, a public relations firm that specializes in promoting the agenda of Christian loony extremists.

DeMoss sent a letter to 150 Conservative Christian leaders urging them to throw their weight behind Romney, who is seen above asking Giuliani for a date, as the Republican presidential candidate.

Rudy Giuliani, the current Republican front runner, is pro-choice, as is Hilary Clinton, the leading Democratic candidate, and DeMoss has stated, along with other religious leaders that they don’t want a pro choice president.

You can read the details of this latest Republican attempt to blur the line between the separation of church and state.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again, any tax exempt religious group that endorses, or works against a political candidate should lose its tax exempt status.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Republicans and Conservatives like to hee-hee-hee about Bill Clinton's illicit, but normal, extramarital affairs, and of course they blame him for everything under the sun, including things that happened before he was born.

If you ever need an excuse for something you screwed up or just didn't go the way you want you can always be a Republican for a little while and just blame Clinton.

The Republican Party, also known as the War Party, and The Party of the Rich, claims to espouse high moral standards and ethics. These guys align themselves with every religious looney that votes and can write a check to a Republican candidate or the RNC.

Meanwhile these are the guys that are always getting caught screwing underage males, disabled farm animals, insects, including flying insects if he's a quick Republican, a handful of worms, a fur coat, ground beef, Astroturf, and pretty much anything but an adult human female.

After all, if these guys did try it with a woman they would run the risk of being told they weren't any good. You don't have that problem with a porcupine or an iceberg lettuce.

The Republicans crucified Democratic Congressman and world class philanderer Gary Condit when it was discovered that he was having an affair with the missing Chandra Levy. They wanted his congressional seat so badly that they distracted the cops enough with their insistence that Condit be the main focus of their investigation that Levy's actual killer was never found. Good job guys, anything for another election win, including being an accessory after the fact to murder.

So now we have Republican Senator Larry Craig, from the very red, and now red faced State of Idaho, caught playing "lemme see your pee-pee", in a Minneapolis public shithouse known to be a Gay hangout.

He pled guilty, and now says he didn't do anything, and is sorry he pled guilty. He also says he isn't and never was Gay.

You know, as a member of the "law and order" party, you would think he'd be happy that he got caught in a sting, run by cops, of course. At least he got first hand proof that he and his Party's supposed efforts to improve law enforcement are working.

I'm sure the Republicans will say it's all Bill Clinton's fault because he hogged up all the women.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

It looks as if Fred Thompson, the guy with the perpetual scowl on his face, will join the other idiots seeking the Republican Presidential nomination.

Thompson, the actor who can't decide if he wants to practice his craft in Hollywood or Washington D.C., is undergoing grooming by his handlers, much the same as a race horse, for a probable run.

Comparing him to a race horse is appropriate too since the Republican Party has a field of contenders bigger than this year's Kentucky Derby, who possess, in the aggregate, less intelligence than the ass of any one of the horses in that race.

There is another Thompson in the Republican stable, Tommy Thompson, who calls himself the "real" Thompson. I like him better, because he provides more entertainment with his never ending inane remarks, whereas Fred Thompson just makes, "tough" faces.

What a wonderful mess the Republican Party is in these days, being more disorganized than a Kindergarten class on recess.

Giuliani, an unaccomplished nasty bastard goes around explaining his views on abortion, Mitt Romney confesses to the world that he didn't have premarital sex, and John McCain, who still doesn't get it, continues aligning himself with the loser Bush's ideas.

So now we have Fred Thompson, another boot in the ass Conservative who appeals to the "thank you sir, may I please have another" set that begs for direction in all aspects of their lives, due to a lack of imagination and a fear of anything different.

Thompson has been undergoing disciplinary training under the auspices of Dominatrix Extraordinaire, Mistress Lynne Cheney, so he can come off as an even bigger son-of-a-bitch for the "I need a nanny" crowd of cowering, masochistic supplicants.

Next up for Thompson is an audience with former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who will no doubt administer a sub-zero high colonic to Fred to purge him of any lingering Hollywoodisms that may still be tenaciously clinging to his alimentary tract.

Thatcher, at age 82, is the perfect headmistress to tutor a Republican Presidential contender. Totally devoid of any heart or soul, and hopelessly out of touch with both the masses, and reality of any type, she'll impart the kind of wisdom craved by devotees of the "never change anything, our Party leaders know what’s best for me," crowd.

All the Republican candidates want to be being likened to their ultimate hero, Ronald Reagan, and Fred Thompson is no different.

I think he has the inside track on this one.

After all, who's better than an 82-year-old, stuffy, upper-crust Englishwoman for teaching Thompson the ways of dementia, a la Reagan?

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed but I’m constantly amazed at just how incredibly stupid so many people are.

A few days ago I paid $3.07 per gallon for regular gas in Las Vegas; some places were charging $3.23 for the same brew. About six weeks ago I was griping about paying $2.29.

If they are to be believed, the gas pundits say that the reason prices are rising is due to high demand, and low availability.

OK, let's take that at face value and then realize that, duh, if we demand less gas prices will go down. I, of course, don't believe that, but let's say, "in arguendo", that it is true.

Now, in Las Vegas it seems that every other vehicle is either a giant SUV or a massive 4-wheel drive pickup truck, usually transporting a sole individual and no load.

Of the regular cars on the road there is a plethora of "hot rod" type vehicles, either old pieces of crap that have been restored, or newer foreign cars sporting thousands of dollars worth of noise producing after market add ons.

A few weeks earlier when I gassed up I noticed, for the first time, a separate pump that dispensed, "100 Plus Racing Fuel."

Two things struck me, one, the gas was $4.99 per gallon, and two, it was sold out.

Next I went to the supermarket. At the entrance were two young yo-yo's who were happy holders of those great American jobs the President is always saying we're lucky to have in abundance. One guy was sweeping up and the other was collecting shopping carts.

Obviously they were Harvard and MIT graduates, or they wouldn't have jobs in the first place.

They were taking a break and talking about cars. One of them said, quote: "So I thought, what the hell, I might as well get that one, it's faster, and a lot louder, and it costs the same."

"Faster", now that makes sense in a town where the traffic crawls.

"Louder", I guess that's important to an idiot.

Yesterday, on the Vegas news, they profiled a few crybaby/assholes who were griping at the news of the probability of four buck a gallon gas.

They were acting as if they were veritable Einsteins because they were going to "car pool" with their behemoth SUV's. Apparently they just realized that more than one asshole at a time can be transported in these things.

Oh yeah, some of them said they were going to get motorcycles for commuting. I'm sure they'll get bikes that are loud and get poor gas mileage as well.

None of them said they were going to part with their fad vehicles and buy a gas efficient car. I guess they'll just park them in front of the house and continue making the $500.00+ payments, while they wait for gas prices to come down.

Smart, very smart.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Here's another idiot who wants to be President, Bill Richardson, Democrat Governor of New Mexico.

On April 18, he was asked why he hadn't called for the resignation of Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez.

His reply was: "The only reason I'm not [calling for Gonzales's resignation] is because he's Hispanic, and I know him and like him, it's because he's Hispanic. I'm honest."

Richardson is also Hispanic, and obviously, he's quite willing to make no bones about playing favorites.

Now, Gonzalez may or may not be guilty of wrongdoing, and we may, or we may not ever know the truth. What does appear certain though is that Gonzalez is an idiot and is way out of his depth as Attorney General. This is the result of Bush's widespread cronyism.

Unfortunately that alone is not enough to simply demand his ouster.

The situation that gave rise to questions about Gonzalez' integrity is certainly suspicious enough to merit an investigation in my opinion.

No one, however, should either be condemned or pardoned simply because he or she is or isn't a member of any particular group.

It's fine to give someone the benefit of the doubt, in the absence of conclusive, damning evidence, but it's another thing to do so for a dumb reason, such as simply belonging to a particular group.

I wouldn't want someone with this mindset to run the country.

Fortunately Richardson has less of a chance of becoming President than a fart has surviving a tornado.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Rudy Giuliani, the leading contender to be the Republican presidential candidate, probably clinched the nomination on Tuesday.

"America’s Mayor" could not state the price of a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread while campaigning in Montgomery, Alabama.

Giuliani thought that a gallon of milk sold for $1.50 and a loaf of bread went for $1.25.

I'm sure Karl Rove, when he learned of this, had a spontaneous orgasm as he envisioned the sometimes dress wearing Giuliani as the perfect Republican president.

"I didn’t think it was possible to find another guy like Bush, who can't find his own ass with both hands, in the same millennium," is a likely thought in Rove’s mind.

"A Republican's dream, he's totally out of touch with mainstream America and he's been described as a "CEO type of presidential candidate", as was Bush, was probably another thought in Rove's mind.

Giuliani's failed attempt at playing, "The Price Is Right," was defended by his campaign staffers when they later stated that the average price for a loaf of bread in the United States is $1.17 per pound. They stated that the figure came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Perhaps one of these dim bulbs should take a walk through a supermarket and see what a buck seventeen gets you these days.

Some will argue that it’s doubtful that Giuliani actually shops for food and therefore has no way of knowing what current prices are.

Sorry, that's no excuse for someone who wants the job of managing the country, which is inhabited mostly by people of modest means, a fact that is usually ignored by the Republican Party.

A potential president should know how much food costs the average citizen.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Self proclaimed Super-Patriot, George W. Bush, who is always willing to spill the blood of our service members in defense of his big oil buddies, Halliburton, and most important, his own ego, is Commander-in-Chief of a starving Army and Marine Corp.

It seems that the much heralded "MRE's", or "Meals Ready To Eat," that are doled out in ever decreasing numbers to those troops in the most dangerous and stressful areas of the Iraq theatre, are inadequate. In fact they are so pathetically unfit that many of our troops are losing weight in alarming amounts due to malnutrition.

While the Bush's dine on some of the most expensive and exquisitely prepared cuisine, in lavish surroundings in the White House, with scores of footmen and various kitchen help at their beck and call, he's starving our front line troops.

While Bush impatiently waits for his meat to be cut into perfect bite-size bits, and agonizes over the choices on the dessert menu, the Commander-in-Chief's troops have to get by on 4th rate garbage. Our men and women in harm's way, at his pleasure, have to get by on Smoky Franks and Chicken a la King, affectionately nicknamed the Four Fingers of Death and Chicken a la Death, and, the troops aren't even issued enough of them to satisfy their hunger.

I have no idea who supplies this slop but it wouldn't surprise me if the country's biggest welfare recipient, Halliburton, is in there somewhere.

Those of us who have been calling for the return of the troops, in order to save them from slaughter, are accused of "not supporting the troops" and being, "unpatriotic."

Meanwhile, Bush and Cheney, neither of whom ever saw action, and in fact tough guy with everyone else's ass, Cheney, who wasn't ever in uniform, continue to call for more troops to be sent to Iraq, are hailed as the "patriotic supporters" of the troops.

The real reason these two pinheads insist that this war is necessary is that Bush doesn't want to admit that he was wrong about going to war,

Can anyone explain to me how this is possible?

Read about how our troops health and fighting ability is being comprised by the Bush provided MRE's.

Nearly everyone has heard the expression, "An army moves on its stomach." Napoleon realized that all those years ago, and his chefs invented the "French Fry" as an easy to prepare, high energy, field ration.

Maybe what we need for our troops are a couple of mobile McDonalds out there on the front line.

If the Karl Rove White House can figure out a way to get Halliburton 1000 times the amount of money necessary to bring the troops some McDonalds food, our service members will soon be saying, "Supersize those 'Freedom Fries'."

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The darling corporation of the Bush Administration, Halliburton, the USA's probable biggest welfare recipient, apparently will be moving to Dubai to avoid paying US taxes.

If this doesn't take the cake I don't know what does. Here we have a corporation of dubious quality that has been gifted, time and again, by Bush and Cheney, with huge, no bid government contracts, and they're moving out of the country for a better deal.

Of course Halliburton will continue sucking the US Treasury dry and the Republicans will then state that anyone who doesn't like this set up is a traitor, a coward, and doesn't support the troops.

Is this a gift to Dubai to make up for not allowing one of their companies to control security at US ports?

Let's see, how will this all pan out? Perhaps something will happen in Dubai and their government will nationalize all companies based on their soil, excuse me, sand.

Next, Halliburton's remaining executives in Bush’s home state of Texas will pick up the phone and start calling Republican lawmakers/breakers to ask for help.

Then, all the "patriotic" types will start expressing outrage by mounting American flags on their 10-miles-per-gallon SUV's and pickup trucks, and riding around honking their horns and shouting "we're number one, let's kick Dubai's ass."

The Republicans will then state that anyone who opposes war with Dubai is a traitor, a coward, and doesn't support the troops they want to send.

The religious wrong will finally prevail and convince our leaders to attack Dubai and save Halliburton and Christianity.

The Republicans will then state that anyone who expresses an opinion in opposition to the upcoming war with Dubai is a traitor, a coward, a Jesus hater, an enemy of the moral majority, is godless, and doesn't support the troops.

Another "Shock and Awe" spectacle, planned and staged by The Disney Corporation commences during which we will expend $100 billion worthy of munitions, which are immediately replaced by the same amount of ordnance by our defense contractors, for $200 billion.

Wall Street goes wild as the Dow sets a new record and the Republicans lay claim to improving the economy.

The Republicans will state that anyone who says that this isn't good for America is a traitor, a coward, and does not support the troops.

"Shock and Awe, the Sequel", results in the destruction of both of the Dubai Navy's canoes, and the empty doublewide mobile home that houses their crews.

The follow up ground invasion results in the killing of all of Dubai's 100 man defense force that was contracted through Halliburton.

Congress then determines that it was all a misunderstanding and appropriates 2 trillion dollars for reparations and pays Halliburton 3 trillion dollars to disburse the funds to itself.

The Republicans state that anyone who feels this is wrong is a traitor, a coward, and doesn't support the troops.

Halliburton subcontracts the purchase of 2 canoes and a doublewide for $175.00, to a Bush family relative in Texas, who runs a live bait and coyote trap store in a suburb of Crawford.

He in turn bills the Federal government $175 million for administrative costs and is paid $174 million after the Democrats determine that he overcharged. The actual payout though is $176 million when interest for the delay caused by the investigation is factored in.

On the last day of his Presidency Bush endows the local American military commander in Dubai with the new title of Royal Viceroy. The following day The Viceroy then appoints Dick Cheney as the president of the new country of "The Republic of Hallidubuairton Incorporated".

The Republicans state that anyone who doesn't see the sense in this is a traitor, a coward, and doesn't support the troops.

Congress then approves a bill that stations 150,000 US troops in The Republic of Hallidubuairton to protect former Vice-President Cheney. It is justified by saying that the Secret Service isn't sufficient in force to protect him now that he is no longer in a "secure, undisclosed location."

The Republican's then state that anyone who opposes this action is a traitor, a coward, and doesn't support the troops.

Within 24 hours gasoline prices rise to ten bucks a gallon in the United States and Wall Street posts another record high on the Dow.

The Republicans state that anyone who disagrees with the theory that is good for the country is a traitor, a coward, and doesn't support the troops.

Anne Coulter writes 15 books about the 15 minute war and the Republicans state that anyone who doesn't buy the books is a traitor, a coward, and doesn't support the troops.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Good news!

Scooter Libby was found guilty of perjury in the first of what I hope will be a long series of trials and convictions for Bush's henchmen, spin doctors, thieves, manipulators, prevaricators, multi-purpose thugs, and other worthless reprobates.

After years of persecution by jealous Republicans over a lie that was harmless to the public, Bill Clinton must be singing the tune, "Who's Lying Now".

Of course we'll have to wait to see if this cocky little poop ever gets to play drop the soap with other jail birds.

If the appeals and other legal wrangling fail we could be treated to another round of Republican pardons, a la Nixon, Oliver North, et al.

It was reported that when the verdict was read one of the jurors broke down in tears. What the hell is going on in our courts with all these crying judges, lawyers and jurors?

Many news people stated that there was a lot of sympathy for Libby's family, and remarks that it was such a shame that a guy like him went down the way he did.

Who the hell is kidding who? He’s a frigging lawyer for crissake which means he was half way to being a criminal right from the get go.

If people want to express sympathy, they should do so for people who deserve it such as the widows, widowers and orphans of the service members who died, and those who were wounded in an unnecessary war that the Scooters of the world help their bosses, such as Cheney and Bush, bring about.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

People confuse belief in God with religion. You don't have to belong to a religious group in order to believe in, pray to, or praise God.

Religion, no matter which one it is, is a club, or a cult comprised of members who share the same interest, much the same as a bowling league, or a quilting circle, or a photography club.

You can bowl, make a quilt, or take pictures on your own right? You don’t need other people in order to do these things, and you don't need others in order to believe in God, or pray.

Here's the MSN Encarta definition of religion, copied and pasted without alteration:

1. beliefs and worship: people's beliefs and opinions concerning the existence, nature, and worship of a deity or deities, and divine involvement in the universe and human life
2. system: an institutionalized or personal system of beliefs and practices relating to the divine
3. personal beliefs or values: a set of strongly-held beliefs, values, and attitudes that somebody lives by

See, the first definition doesn't bother me, but the second one does. The reason for that is that people who belong to a religious group, an institution, often try to impress their beliefs on others, and they demonize those who won't go along with their program.

In the past few weeks the following occurred, as the direct result of the actions of religious loonies who forced others to adhere to their religious beliefs.

While a 21-year-old rape victim was being driven around by the cops in an attempt to locate the scene of the crime they discovered that there was an outstanding warrant on her for a minor, non-violent crime she committed 4 years earlier. The search was broken off; she was arrested, and imprisoned.

While in jail the religious looney nurse refused to give her the second of her day after birth control pills, which were prescribed by a hospital doctor, because the nurse felt her religion wouldn't permit it.

Elsewhere, an Islamic religious looney, cab driver, refused a fare because the guy had a shopping bag with a bottle of liquor in it. He said "his" god would be offended by that.

These actions are downright wrong, and in the first case, potentially terribly harmful. No one has the right to impress his or her "values," which are nothing more than that person's concept of right and wrong, on anyone else.

Pharmacists who refuse to fill Rx's for any legal medication; medical personnel who refuse to administer, or allow a patient access to legally prescribed compounds or medical procedures should be held criminally responsible for their actions. They should lose their licenses and be barred for life from engaging in all employment in any aspect of the medical profession.

The cab driver should be charged with discrimination and barred from driving public and private conveyances.

Isn't it time we grew up as a Nation and stopped this silly intermingling of personal beliefs and public behavior that adversely affects the rights of others?

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Republican blowhard, Dick Armey, assured himself of an even higher spot on the "Republican Register of Ridiculous Rhetoric" yesterday.

The former majority leader was a guest on Tucker Carlson's show and the discussion drifted to Bush's abominable handling of his Iraq war.

Armey defended his god by saying that while the Democrats keep criticizing Bush’s failed plan they've yet to come up with a plan of their own.

OK, fair enough, but of course if they did they wouldn't have the authority to implement it, after Bush is, as he say, "the decider."

Then Armey goes on to say, "At least the President has a plan, it's better than no plan."

Uh, excuse me, Dick, 70+% of the country feels that Bush's plan is a "no plan." Worse yet is that Armey stated that he believed that people should go along with Bush's "plan," if only because there isn't another.

Apparently Armey missed the results of the last election in which the American people overwhelmingly let Bush know that they wanted us out of Iraq or at least for Bush to come up with a better plan, as our sorry-assed "decider."

Later in the day I caught a newscast in which Bush appeared, sporting his usual smirk. He said, "There are two possibilities, one is to get out of Iraq now. That would be a quick defeat for us. The other is to do it slowly. That would be a slow defeat."

You have to admire a guy with that kind of insight.

So it looks like we'll be in Iraq longer, so more of our guys can get killed, in order that Halliburton can make a few billion more.

I wonder how it feels to not have a conscience. I'll ask Bush if I'm ever unlucky enough to be around him.

Idiocy #2
The possibility that Barack Obama might run for the Presidency as the Democratic candidate was the next topic.

Armey couldn't wait to jump in on this and said, "Who is this guy? He comes out of nowhere and wants to be President, just like Kerry."

If Danny DeVito was drunk on TV not long ago, Armey must have a severe case of wet brain, coupled with outright stupidity. No wonder he rose so high in the Republican Party.

First off, Kerry, like him or not, has plenty of political experience at the Federal level. I guess old Dick was too busy playing footsies with lobbyists while he was on the hill and never noticed.

Second, what does he mean by, "comes out of nowhere?"

Who the hell was the pea-brained President we have now, before he was appointed President by the Supreme Court?

All he ever did was act as Governor of Texas for a few years; he didn’t have any Federal political experience at all.

Obama had more years in the Illinois State Legislature and then became a US Senator, by actually winning the election.

Keep in mind that Armey was a principal in the drafting of the daft Newt Gingrich fantasy, "Contract With America", and oh yeah, he's a proponent of the privatization of Social Security, another of Bush's wet dreams that will enable even more wealth to be transferred to his rich supporters.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

There are two unfailing ways for anyone who either doesnt own, or know how to use a calendar, to tell that Christmas is approaching.

The first hint is that advertisements for electric shavers start appearing on TV. It seems as if electric shavers are only sold in December.

The absolute giveaway though is when the world's biggest welfare recipient, NASA, presents its Christmas list to the U.S. government.

Usually this event is preceded by the announcement that they've discovered something useless, that is a million light-years away in space, and then there's the inevitable December shuttle launch that sends a broken down shuttle to repair something on the broken down International Space Station.

This and nearly everything NASA does is a shameful waste of taxpayer money.

As I write this NASA again has its ass in a sling over where the hell they can land the shuttle. As usual it may not be able to land in Florida because of bad weather. If it has to land in the alternative location in California it will then cost a million bucks to transport that monstrosity piggy back, on a 747.

But then, what the hell is a million bucks to NASA?

In the scheme of things a million bucks to NASA is mere pocket change, out of our pockets, of course.

NASA gives less thought to shelling out a million bucks for a plane ride than the average parent does when asked for a buck for candy by one of his or her kids. But then, the parent works for that buck, NASA's dilettantes don't.

Bear in mind that these rocket joy rides are gleefully approved by the same guys in our government who insist that government sponsored health care is impossible for Americans because of a lack of funds. Of course they, the congress and the President, enjoy free health care for life, at our expense.

That's fair.

What has the shuttle program done for you lately, or ever?
This year's NASA Christmas list is a masterpiece of imagination and greed.

These welfare recipients not only want to return to the Moon, they want to build a permanent base there. NASA has a grandiose plan that includes the manufacture of rocket fuel, on the Moon, if they can find a source of water there.

NASA went on to say that the Moon would provide a perfect place from which to launch expeditions to Mars, and then, if they can find enough water on Mars, a permanent base can be built there, so we can further explore space.

Hey, rocket scientists, how about finding some fresh, unpolluted water here on Earth?

I have no doubt that this whole Moon base nonsense is the result of the announcement a few years ago, by the Chinese, that they intend to travel to the Moon and establish a base there.

Holy shit, we can't have that; we can't be Moon base challenged; we have to do it first.

I'll bet Halliburton is already lobbying congress for the assignment.

Maybe the government will put up some nice condos too, and offer daily commuter trips back to Earth for the rich people who will live on the Moon. That way they can go to their offices every day on Earth, and continue shipping jobs to other countries, and order more goods from China to sell in America. They'll still be back home on the Moon in time to have their "squeeze out of a plastic bag, 'Moon meals'" and Tang, with the family.

The Chinese know how to make assholes out of our government alright. Have they done anything to get their Moon base started? No, and don't expect that they will anytime soon.

They'll just sit back, and laugh at us, as we piss away trillions doing what our politicians fear they will do, while they wear out their abacuses counting the money we ship them for the things that are no longer made here.

Merry Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, is back, with another lame-brain idea.

It's about a month since the election and I guess Gingrich found a discarded Republican Party banner and decided to run with it.

Newt, who apparently fancies himself as a potential Presidential candidate, wants to modify the right to free speech. As has been the case for years with the Republican Party, his idea is put forth under the guise of national security. In other words, it's the use of scare tactics to further promote the acceptance of, and expand Bush's self-conveyed, near dictatorial powers.

There are details enough all over the place on this radical idea which calls for government authority to selectively silence anyone who is felt to be a threat to what are quickly becoming the Imperial powers of the President.

Gingrich says that the Internet is a prime vehicle for the terrorist's recruitment campaign and to convey messages. His plan would allow the Federal Government to shut down websites deemed suspicious.

This lunatic loser calls for a "New level of supervision", which translates into a furtherance of the beloved Republican, "Nanny Society", which would basically subject the populace to scrutiny by Right-Wing political/religious loonies.

Can you say "Witch Hunt," or "American Inquisition?"

Although Gingrich stated that he would not run for President, the egotist supreme said he just might allow himself to be drafted, if it's the will of the people.

What a guy; how thoughtful of him.

I'm in favor of sensible surveillance by proper police and government authorities to thwart all crime, including terrorism. However, these open ended, spur of the moment attempts to take away our basic rights and freedoms are dangerous for all the obvious reasons, and defeat the purpose for which this country was founded.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Six days after the election Hillary Clinton remarks that government sponsored health care should again be considered, and immediately, on Neal Cavuto's Fox/GOPTV show, Republican congressman Roy Blunt says:

"What a huge blow this will be to the taxpayers. After 12 years of a Republican congress people can see the huge strides that were made and now the Democrats want to reverse this."

Uh, excuse me, did he miss the election last week when his Party was told that they, and their lamebrain policies weren't wanted?

What we need is an overhaul of the entire US health care system which is incredibly bogged down in paperwork and stupidity all designed to enrich the corporate entities that have transformed Health Care, into corporate, "Wealth Care," for the rich.

There's no continuity of service because of constant changes to the various plans' list of providers. If you have to go to a new doctor everything starts over from scratch, which is wasteful and delays treatment. There are too many health plans, one worse than the other, and it's outrageous that an accountant or lawyer decides who gets what, after a doctor says a treatment or medication is a medical necessity.

Who would be so stupid as to not want an efficient, cost effective system where everyone benefits, except the businessmen, who shouldn't be involved with your health in the first place?

What the hell good is a country if half its citizenry is sick?

What the hell is so wrong with spending some taxpayer dollars on the taxpayers?

People like Blunt and his colleagues are the same clowns who readily sign off on hundreds of billions of dollars for "bridges to nowhere," e.g. They gleefully give NASA billions to blow a hole in a distant rock, just so they can see if it can be done, or to find water on Mars, so a spokesperson can say, "Hey, we found a teaspoon of water on Mars. Can we have 5 billion more so we can look for sand? That way we can say we found a beach."

A billion and a half bucks a week is being spent in Iraq, and for what? All that money does is get Americans killed, while making Halliburton's executives richer. Whether we stay there another day, or a hundred years, the moment we leave chaos will ensue, and the wrong people will take over.

Why not use that money for an American health care system devoid of HMO's, insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, countless administrators, advertising companies, and various and sundry other unnecessary middle men and failed programs?

The drug companies will make even more money by selling more products, at a lower cost, because everyone will get all the medications prescribed by their doctors.

Who the hell is some congressman, who enjoys free healthcare, the best available, for life, at taxpayer's expense, to tell us that we shouldn't have it too, while NASA gets billions to play with the useless, overpriced toys produced by Corporate America?

But what can you expect from a Party that just installed racist Senator Trent Lott as its Minority Whip.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Not the Republican Party, they'll always be with us, but most of the worst of them are gone, hopefully for good.

The party is over for King George II however, and that's what's important. The man with the big Rolodex and small brain will no longer be able to dream something up, make a phone call, and have his Legislative Branch snap to, and do his bidding, no matter how inane.

The arrogant Rumsfeld is also gone and hopefully his replacement will put the troops and not his ego first.

The American people have finally demanded what I've been saying we should have, elected officials who do what the majority of the people feel is best, and not just what the lobbyists tell them to do while golfing in Scotland.

Let's never again let them forget that they were hired to get us what we want, by working together, and they're not to tell us what's best for us.

You hire a doctor, or lawyer, or accountant, or a plumber to tell you what you should do, or need. You don't hire/elect a surgeon, or the unaccomplished son of a football coach to tell you that you shouldn't have online gambling, e.g.

These guys are put in office because it is believed that they possess the persuasiveness to get what their constituents want, and that's all.

We've had enough of this nanny society, and politicians who say they are in direct contact with God.

What's truly significant about this election is that the ouster of the Republicans was not accomplished by the far Left, or the Democrats, it was a team effort by Americans of all stripes.

The Democrats and Liberals could not have done this without extensive support from the Republicans and Conservatives who finally grew tired of the corruption within their own Party.

It takes a lot for dedicated party liners to defect and say they're not going to allow themselves to be represented by people who are deceiving them, and my hat is off to them.

These Republicans and Conservatives did the right thing, and now the congress, the Democrats in particular, should do the right thing. They should use their new found power to insure that these Republicans and Conservatives become permanent converts to right minded, Independent thinking, and not go back to being slaves to party politics that benefit only a few.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The hypocrisy generated by the Bush White House just keeps coming.

One of our religious zealot President's advisors, Ted Haggard, has been accused of paying a male prostitute for sex over a three year period.

Haggard first claimed on camera that he never so much as even heard of his accuser, Mike Jones, and then the next day claimed he bought methamphetamine from him.

Then the following day he stated that bought methamphetamine from the male prostitute so he could throw it away.

Ya know Haggard, if you're going to be part of the Bush Bullshit Brigade, at least take some lessons from some of his well established prevaricators.

If ever one had reason to question Bush's ability to make decisions one only needs to consider the kind of people he consults for guidance.

The possibility that Haggard is either gay or bisexual doesn't bother me in the least, but the fact that this Evangelical loony rails against homosexuality and gay marriage, which makes him a hypocrite, does.

What's worse is that the President apparently gets on his knees with this guy, and does whatever it is that he does in private with him in the Oval Office, and then tells the public that he communed with God.

These private "consultations" with an admitted methamphetamine buyer confirm what many have thought about the type of advisors Bush has as confidants. It's obvious that that Bush and the Republican Party will play up to any individual who promises to deliver votes.

What's especially galling is that these guys have portrayed themselves as moralists who were going to clean up government and stomp out the dreaded Liberalism, which they claim gives rise to the kind of people that they themselves consort with.

So far, the Republican Party, under Bush's administration, has brought us, just to name a few of the most notorious, Duke Cunningham, Jack Abramoff, Mark Foley, Scooter Libby, Tom DeLay, and now a possible druggie religious advisor, who most certainly is a liar.

Couple this with a President who lied about the reasons we had to go to war with Iraq, and consequently have nearly 3,000 of our troops murdered, and the Republicans will still say it's better than having a President who lied about getting his knob polished.

They'd rather have a guy running the place who takes advice from criminals, claims God talks to him, and who possesses that deadliest combination of faults, ignorance and arrogance.

Bush never makes a mistake; he never admits he's wrong. This is the leader of the free world and he says things such as: "The Internets," and, "The Google," both of which he proudly admits he doesn't understand.

But then, out of understanding and necessity we're froced to hold him to a lower standard than 12 year olds.

This is the same guy who said that men work so they can, "Lay food on their family," and that, "Gynecologists practice love on their patients."

Remember that this is the same man who is directing the war in Iraq and who says the economy is great because the stock market is high. Forget that this only benefits a few institutional investors, and the CEO's of Corporate America.

All the schmucks with a few dozen shares of stock, who think they're players, love the feeling of association with the rich, and gladly lend their support to the party that does not have these guy's best economic interests at heart.

This President says he doesn't read the newspapers and doesn't care about popularity polls. This means he doesn't care about what's going on and he doesn't give a shit about the fact that the vast majority of Americans think he's doing the wrong things.

That's proof of ignorance and arrogance.

Next month the War in Iraq will have been waged for a longer period of time than World War II and there's no end in sight.

World War II encompassed most of Europe and the Pacific, while Iraq is a confined area the size of Texas. Germany and Japan possessed advanced military machines, and huge armies, while Iraq's combatants are a bunch of rag-tag losers utilizing makeshift armament.

This is not a knock against our guys and gals in the field, it's an indictment of the way this war is being directed by the current administration, which is more interested in making Halliburton richer, than preserving American service member's lives, and limbs.

World War II was fought, and won, under the direction of two Democratic Presidents, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

This unnecessary, and apparently un-winnable war, is under the direction of the Republicans.

If you haven't already voted keep all this in mind when you enter the booth.

Remember that Bush wouldn't have his near dictatorial powers if not for the fact that he controls both the Executive, and Legislative branches of government, and holds great sway over the Judicial Branch.

A vote for a Republican candidate, who will do as he or she is ordered by the Karl Rove White House, is tantamount to another vote for Bush, and his America destroying policies.

Here's a link to more on the Haggard and Hooker story.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Republican/Conservative lap dog Rush Limbaugh recently distinguished himself, along the lines of Ann Coulter, his frustrated bitch female equivalent. He accused Michael J. Fox of acting up his Parkinson's symptoms when he made TV commercials supporting candidate's who are in favor of stem cell research.

Michael J. Fox has the kind of class and talent of which a Rush Limbaugh could only dream and his attack is further evidence of the fact that he's nothing more than an immature, spoiled, overgrown child.

Limbaugh even went so far as to take time out from sucking on his now famous phallic symbol cigar to mimic the uncontrollable spasms that Fox endures as a result of Parkinson's disease.

This despicable creature has no bona fides to his name other than the ability to endlessly preach hate in a boring monotone.

Limbaugh attended a minor college and dropped out after less than a year because he flunked a "speech class."

This Mr. He-Man, who revels in seeing others loose their lives in Bush's wars, avoided the military draft, after dropping out of college, by claiming he suffered from a Pilonidal Cyst, which is essentially a pimple on one's ass.

Now this pseudo-entertainer has assumed the position that he is capable of acting in the capacity of a medical doctor by stating that Fox apparently skipped his palliative medication in order to emphasize the shakes that accompany this terrible disease.

But what the hell, Limbaugh has convinced his brain-dead audience that he's an expert on matters of war and diplomacy so why not stretch it to medicine?

Perhaps he has some medical knowledge garnered from his association with scores of physicians with whom he has acquainted himself, and deceived, for the purpose of illegally obtaining prescription narcotics, under the guise of a sore back.

It should be blatantly clear by now that Limbaugh's attitude rflects the mind-set of the entire Republican/Conservative/religious loony politicians and their kiss-ass worshippers.

Thus far the only person I've heard defend Limbaugh is G. Gordon Liddy, a Nixon flunky, and Watergate felon, who is also a Conservative radio bullshit artist.

Liddy sided with Limbaugh on religious grounds, by stating that stem cell research uses newly created humans to clone tissue, and it doesn't work. He's another pea brain bully Mr. Morality, who suddenly knows everything, and bestowed a medical degree upon himself.

I don't know if stem cells derived from fertilized eggs will be effective in curing disease but I think it's worth a try. As for the morality of it, that's another bit of claptrap that the Right-wing religious loonies have burdened the scientific community with.

Limbaugh's overt lack of compassion and child-like behavior should bring shame to anyone who counts him or herself among his legions of misguided fans.

This is the same odious character who, during one of his daily worthless diatribes, stated that anyone who uses drugs illegally should do jail time.

Uh, apparently that would be anyone but himself.

Limbaugh is the poster boy and standard bearer of the compassionless and socially disconnected "fuck you" crowd. He's a modern day Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister of the Neo-Conservative movement in America.

I feel sorry for people who find it necessary to seek the daily counsel of a cretin like Limbaugh. He apparently fills a need for those who live in fear of making a decision on their own, and who feel the need to bow to the preaching's of a political party's leaders. These people live in fear of making a mistake, and out of desperation to just "belong" to some group or another, willingly surrender their right to free thinking.

Decent Republicans and Conservatives, and there are some among the losers those parties attract, should want to distance themselves from Limbaugh. He is really nothing more than a smart ass prick that got lucky by saying the same nonsensical things over and over and over to people desperate for direction in their no-life, lives. He's a bully who hides behind a microphone spouting the hatred ridden lies his worshippers are afraid to speak.

Limbaugh is a disgrace to America and an insult to anyone who suffers from a disability.

One can only hope that an incurable disease, an autoimmune disease, such as Parkinson's, befalls this despicable creature so he can experience first hand the suffering, and feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and desperation that accompany such conditions.

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